Speech of chairman

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 We are marching toward the future by advancing with the times. Looking back on our course of development, we firmly believe that customers’ satisfaction and success are a key criterion for measuring our work performance.
Product quality and service quality are the lifeline of corporate development. The fundamental improvement and innovation of products give prominence to our development of each step. In the meanwhile, market expansion and development have fostered and developed our extraordinary willpower of hard work.
In retrospect, we have made a great cause of ample fruit in the face of difficulties and setbacks. The outstanding achievements concentrate the sweat and hard work of all the Xinfang people and they are the born of the solidarity, hard work, dedication of our staff members and out of the great concern and support of leaders of all levels, friends of various circles, customers and partners. Valuing the care and concern of people of all walks of life, all the Xinfang people will turn our accomplishments and your care into the impetus for our advancement. 
    Facing a new epoch of rapid development, now we focus on Group industrialization and its leading role and integrate favorable resources, industrial advantages and tapping market potential in a diverse way and with guaranteed quality. Marching toward the new field of scientific research and in-depth competition is our glorious task of the times. As time waits for no man, we shall seize every minute and make unremitting effort in realizing this goal. 
    Looking into the future, all the Xinfang people are full of hopes and lofty ideals. Confronted with the complex and ever-changing market situation, Xinfang will persist in accelerating the construction of a modern international group and strive to become one of the world’s most powerful enterprises. We shall unswervingly work as one to write a new chapter of development.


Group Chairman and general manager: Huang Hefang