Talent Strategy


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Gender preference: unlimited Number: 1
Department: EXECUTIVE OFFICE Work experience: unlimited
Education: Undergraduate Work place: Daxin Town Jiangsu city of Zhangjiagang Province
Age: 25-32 Salary: Negotiable
Job description: Job requirements:
1, the image of good, good temperament, men and women are not limited, married women have been married, the new account, age 25-32 years of age;
2, bachelor degree or above, major in classical Chinese style, active and active, serious and responsible;
3, with good communication, expression, coordination ability, strong sense of service;
4, be able to skillfully operate office software and modern office equipment;
5, with a certain writing skills.
Contact: Zhang
Tel: 80610009
Address: Zhangjiagang City Daxin Town sea dam road Xinfang Building Room 308