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Group Industry

Zhangjiagang Daxin Wool Spinning Co., Ltd.

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 Zhangjiagang Daxin Wool Spinning Co., Ltd. was founded in February 1982 and was restructured into a private joint stock company as controlled by natural person in November 1997. Our company, covering a floor space of 80,000 square meters, has a total workforce of 610 and a total asset of 370 million Yuan. Formerly known as Zhangjiagang Daxin Woolen Mill, our company was renamed as Zhangjiagang Daxin Woolen Mill Co., Ltd. in August 2008.

Over the past ten-odd years since structural reform, our company made a total investment of over 200 million Yuan in technological reform, which enabled our comprehensive economic strength to be ranked the top among business peers of China. With the increase of capital, we also invested in establishing Jiangsu Xinfang Textile Co., Ltd. (now renamed as Jiangsu Xinfang Technology Group Co., Ltd. after the Group is established), Zhangjiagang Daxin Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd., Zhangjiagang Daxin Pyroelectricity Co., Ltd., etc. All these allowed our company to achieve diversified economic development.

While achieving stable growth, our company has adhered to the development concept of technological innovation and deepening management in order to integrate scale advantage, technological advantage and development advantage. Now we have become a large-scale enterprise that is able to produce Five Sheep coarsely-woven wool fabrics and semi-worsted casual fabrics of 6 million meters every year and therefore have become one of the largest manufacturing enterprise of coarsely-woven wool fabrics. So far our products have been exported to the US, Kong Kong, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Korea, Japan and other countries and our Five Sheep trademark was rated as famous trademark of the province. Furthermore, we have been carrying out exploration and self-improvement in terms of operation and corporate structure, and have put into place a strict and efficient organization system and industry alliance with regard to production, quality, sale, service and development. All this allows us to have laid a solid foundation in the same realm. In March 2013, we were rated as national base for development of coarse wool products by the National Development Center for Textile Products.

Through technological transformation over the past decade, we have eliminated outdated, inefficient devices and are equipped with internationally-advanced new equipment. With our rapid product design and innovation, our market competition has seen continuous enhancement. In 2014, our sales volume totaled 404.386 million Yuan and our profit and tax amounted to 27,000,016 Yuan. In the first half of 2015, we produced wool fabric of 2.2 million meters, including double-faced woolen fabric of 975,000 meters and achieving a sales revenue of 252 million Yuan (128.7 million Yuan for the same period of previous year), showing a year-on-year growth of 95.8%. The sales volume of double-faced woolen fabric totaled 150 million Yuan, paying tax of 13.2 million Yuan (4.13 million for the same period of previous year), which showed a year-on-year growth of 219.6% and made a profit of 11.45 million Yuan. Now our company has become a mainstay enterprise for the economic growth of our village.