"Xin Fang Daxin Town, new contributions than innovation" and "Shuangxue Shuangbi" theme educational activities and advanced reco

2016/11/02 09:31
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    The afternoon of February 16, 2016 1:30, "new Fang Daxin Town, new contributions than innovation" and "Shuangxue Shuangbi" theme educational activities and advanced recognition, the ideological style construction in the town meeting conference room held the ladder.
It is understood that the new group adhere to independent innovation, optimization management, through more than 10 years of efforts, from a traditional textile enterprises to grow into high-grade fabrics, pressure vessels in one of the enterprise group. In 2015, the new aromatic group to market pressure, the indicators of contrarian flying, annual sales of 1 billion 360 million yuan, tax 57 million 150 thousand yuan, 113 million 810 thousand yuan in profits and taxes. The new community service oriented party organization puts forward to strengthen the party organization construction and the rule of law, as the leading Party building community governance endogenous power. At the same time, continue to deepen the exploration of the wisdom of the community building, and complete preliminary platform construction at the end of 2015, the transition to the wisdom of the community for the future new, accumulated stamina to "Internet plus community governance upgrade.
Daxin Town Party Secretary Lu Zhongli said that through the "Shuangxue Shuangbi" theme educational activities, make the majority of Party members and cadres ideological style development convitions, entrepreneurship and innovation to carry more pragmatic, more enthusiastic, more active social responsibility, dedication more prominent "five of our Huang Fang as chairman of" Shuangxue Shuangbi "advanced typical business representatives at the meeting speech. He said "a serious market situation and not leave us, fear of opportunity and big with pride back room. Our new people only with greater efforts to overcome greater difficulties, with greater courage and confidence to overcome the difficulties, to be a "century old new Fang" foundation."