Our "national model workers" honorary title

2016/11/02 09:32
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The afternoon of March 9th, the Suzhou Municipal Federation of trade unions chairman Wen Xianghua line on behalf of the National Federation of trade unions to our "national model workers" award to President Huang Hefang. Zhangjiagang Municipal Committee, organization department minister Cai Bingfeng, union chairman Ji Hongliang, vice chairman Sun Weizhong, Daxin Town, deputy party secretary, deputy party secretary of the town mayor He Jian Zhu Zhibin, and the town of union chairman Tang Yuqing and other leaders attended the awarding ceremony.
Our union chairman Comrade Shi Jianzhong at the awarding ceremony before the first report on the practice and experience to create activities. He said that the new aromatic technology group, the center of the 28 color proofing women, and actively play the initiative and creativity, and constantly improve the dyeing process, excellent customer to complete the sample and self research and color and other important orders. The total production doubled compared to the same period last year, the average daily volume of 80 color sample per day, proofing one-time success rate of 95%, compared to the same period last year increased by 12.5% over the same period, the working efficiency is increased by 15%, the index of color quality were better than peers, it is because has achieved good results, as early as 2010 on the model workers home the title of Jiangsu province.
The Union also actively carry out rich and colorful cultural and sports activities and training activities, enrich their amateur life and spiritual food; active innovative forms of service, social responsibility efforts, actively sponsored volunteer service projects, care for vulnerable groups; gather wisdom and strength, let the development of "golden ideas" to boost business. Declaration of utility model patents more than and 20, a total of more than and 10 small leather small change, saving more than 50 yuan. The union was named "outstanding scholarly enterprise", "outstanding grass-roots trade unions" and "harmonious labor relations in enterprises".
Huang Hefang chairman said, with the deepening of the creation of the work, the function is also expanding. We must cherish the honor, make persistent efforts to consolidate achievements, to create a good atmosphere by creating positive energy transfer, further enhance staff cohesion, centripetal force, and strive to build a harmonious enterprise, and constantly create a new situation in the work of trade unions!