National coarse wool product development base for field assessment

2016/11/02 09:32
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In March 29, 2016, the national textile product development base of the Secretariat of the expert group on the branch of our national coarse wool wool product development base for field assessment. Chairman Huang Hefang, deputy general manager of Huang Peixiang, Chen Wenlei and related personnel to attend the review conference.
At the meeting, chairman indicated that our new wool products increased year by year, the company scale advantages, the advantages of talents and management, bypassing the self-employed in the competition. Adhere to our direction, in recent years, with the share of brand cooperation continues to improve, effectively resist the market risk, enhance the ability to fight against the wind and waves, corporate benefits continue to improve.
Through this meeting, review group of experts with product features new woolen company, from fabrics China China textile fabric fashion trends and technology analysis, 17AW show color and fabric style analysis, commercial retail sales report updated sections of woolen fabrics special share.