The rancher delegation visit Australia

2016/11/07 09:34
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The afternoon of March 29, 2016 14:40, the rancher delegation from Australia, a line of 33 people came to our new aryl group, the group deputy chief Huang Peixiang and under the leadership of Mr. Chen Wenlei ordered visited the weaving workshop, dyeing workshop, sample Hall of the branch of the wool, the delegation sometimes stop in the wet washing machine, and stay in raising machine, a wide eyed, continuous query translation and accompanying staff to follow. During a visit to the sample hall, curious foreigners gestures samples with each other to discuss, surprised at the high quality of finished fabrics is composed of a wool woven.
In September 12, 2015 the twenty-seventh session held in Chinese international wool trade fair exchange of information and the Seventh International Wool forum, many domestic and foreign wool industry chain experts, manufacturers and buyers on the market direction and trend of wool are discussed, so that they do not have surprised is that the number of China purchasing wool wool rapid growth. While the gross products export volume has declined? Nanjing wool market person in charge to answer this question, the reason is that the fabric of the market to mobilize the market. And my company in 2015 to double the production of the same industry in the country to occupy the first. At the meeting site the most foreign suppliers do not double wool for what? With this question and curiosity, Mr. Denis Andrew, the Australian ranch representative, made an appointment to visit our factory with the president of our company.