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2016/11/07 09:36
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  One world, a universe, Buddhist this sentence out of the ordinary acme, told the highest level of our life is from ordinary to extraordinary. As a qualified laboratory technician, she made no progress without shock rise above the common herd, feat, but with an extraordinary heart, dedication, high efficiency and high quality in the ordinary post, persistent pursuit, and constantly go beyond, to make their life in the ordinary show wonderful.
She's Deng Chunping in the new job for nearly thirty years. In the usual work, she worked hard, earnest efforts to do their work at the same time, to keep learning, to recharge themselves, so they have a rich knowledge of jobs; she actively work hard, strong sense of responsibility, integrity, modesty, can put yourself in his hand; she, unknown to the public sense, high quality and high efficiency complete the tasks. She usually communicate with colleagues working experience, with excellent technology, modest attitude, infection around colleagues, in her call, the entire test team formed a "super rush help than the school a good learning atmosphere, comprehensive technical level test has been improved greatly. Colleagues if you can not solve the problem, have to ask her. She said: "although my personal capacity is limited, but more or less can help a little busy." Over time, she was called the "boss" by her colleagues ". Recently our laboratory has added two new people, her hands patiently guide, busy every day.
She is such an ordinary person, let us sincerely praise and admiration, I believe that she will be in the future work of the exhibition style, to achieve better results. She is a role model for us!