The most beautiful "38" Festival

2016/11/07 09:37
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March is a season of flowers blooming like a piece of brocade is a beautiful, sowing season of hope, is a breed of fruit season.
There are a few days, we will usher in the "38" international working women's day, which is the world's working women solidarity battle festival.
In this section, to the end, first of all, we put the hearts of the most beautiful blessing to all the girls new Fang Group, dedicated to the good education of our mother, also created and are dedicated to the creation of human history thousands on thousands of great women!
Our new aryl group of workers, they work on their own conscientious, diligent, the year of the seasons, every day of the sunrise and sunset, each to create the miracle of condensation of their hard work. At the same time also reflects the workers love workshop, selfless dedication to post for the spirit of the family. Every year, there are some outstanding women's "advanced representative", from their body enough to show that women are half of the society, but also won the respect and recognition of all women workers and leaders.
In order to further encourage and guide all female workers to carry forward the "new Fang" spirit, make greater contribution to the improvement of workshop development and company, hope female workers have to dedication, in the work of continuous learning, fully embodies the female style, in the work to unite with the colleagues, help each other, to become a model of "harmonious workshop". At the same time, but also to maximize their advantages, so the family and the career two not mistake, leading to a "harmonious family".
At the end of the day, I wish all the female workers a happy holiday!
Cashmere workshop Zhan Minfang

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