Xinfang's love

2016/11/07 09:38
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 Before we knew it, the new year began. I have been involved in this big family for three years, here, there is a pain, there is a tired smile. The harvest here is also very big, especially to be happy, I was here, became a home, looking for a local wife. This unexpected surprise, I never really thought about it before.
I am in the beautiful sheep two workshop is a little after the textile machinery repair work, since into the factory that day, nor what big pursuit. Is to go to work every day, after work to go home, go home and have time to go shopping alone, running to play. This day, ordinary and boring, so again and again after a long time.
In fact, I also like others, want to have a stable job, and a people who know me to set up a family. After entering the new Fang, my dream can be said to have completed more than half of the difference to find a and I accompanied to the old man. Wandering in the outside for more than a decade, and my parents on the phone, they always urge me. So many years working career, I stand alone with a kind of unspeakable sadness, presumably a lot of people understand. At the beginning, I was not in a hurry, I wanted to do a good job. As the age grows, the desire to become a home is becoming more and more urgent.
Did not expect that in the new aromatic family, I found my heart that she. That is the end of last year, an overtime on Sunday, fast to noon, when the director called and asked: "do a good job?"" I said, "fast!" His next words brought me a surprise, he said: come on, wait for me to take you on a blind date." I thought he was having fun with me, and I didn't think it would come true.
I and her after more than a month of contact and understanding, are very satisfied with each other. Soon I told this to my parents in my hometown, and they were very happy. We've got a free day, and we've got the license. Chinese new year, mom and dad to take me home. I was afraid, because she had never travelled, but I am afraid of motion sickness, the journey tired, let her body too much, how to do this? Then I remembered the director, I called the director, to ask him, he told me: "this is very simple, to the pharmacy to buy medicine not good!" Yeah, why didn't I think of it. So, we set foot on the road back home. Originally wanted to stay in the home for some time. However, taking into account the factory a lot of things, we have to rush back.
Back in the new XF three years, my harvest was like a dream, full of ups and downs, there was joy. I would like to thank the new Fang: it is a new fragrance, provide me with a stable work, and strive to strive for the platform! Is the new aromatic leadership of my concern, let me have a warm new home! To express gratitude, I will work hard, will continue this love!