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2016/11/07 09:39
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Six years ago, you came to the ground and was born out of a wilderness,
For six years, you're like a growing child,
Although the bumps along the way,
But the development in adversity, strong in wheting.
Once the ordeal, once the wind and rain,
Step by step to today.
Certificate from a manufacturing to the classification society,
From the quality of the letter had to enterprises to high-tech enterprises,
You finally stood at the forefront of the industry.
Growing on the road, there is laughter, there is sadness,
Industry crisis can not stop the pace of progress
We stand out from the competition,
No Puge blandishments, no gain,
We are only in the workshop, jingle hammer weld shine,
Technology to win the market, integrity to create a win-win situation,
Is Puge culture,
Is a strong foundation to puge.
People from all sides from puge,
The frozen North Sea, occupy the vast, coconut breeze of Hainan,
All gathered in this big family.
It is their struggle to begin Puge higher and stronger.
They sweat with Puge growth, success.
Years of unremitting pursuit,
Years of hard work,
We wuhuiwuyuan.
Our dedication and innovation,
We advance with the times,
This is, people's beliefs.
Progress of science and technology changes,
The pace of the reform of a thousand li a day.
Now is an era of rapid development,
Now is a time to struggle.
In this behind the torrent,
Puge employees have greater strength to meet the challenges, have the confidence to create greater value,
We want to use the water of the future labor puge,
We must all hang together, and, towards a more brilliant tomorrow.
Puge machinery Dongliang

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