2016/11/07 09:40
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 Our company in the past two years to have their own corporate culture, corporate culture, the number of words in the eyes of everyone some of the abstract, fuzzy. In fact, as chairman of the board said, corporate culture is nothing more than "production, sales, after-sales service", as well as daily life, publicity and sports activities, all aspects of the formation of the respective characteristics of the culture.
Failed to blackboard beautiful sheep two workshop so many years to give full play to its effectiveness, in fact, not just on the blackboard bulletin bar examination punishment, but also a social fashion, promote the publicity of positive energy and increase communication with the staff of the window, it is closer to the distance between the bridge and the staff.
Our workshop is indeed the first few blackboard talented men still remained in concealment, by my feeds, Wang Chenglan writing, Li Yan layout design. Many employees are free to watch for a while. We also feel some pride. But I want to get more employees to come in, so is not closer to the staff? So I think there is a good yarn written words said in my impression, I will communicate with him privately, that he can give a workshop layout, increase the diversity of the blackboard font, he started tweaking, he said: "I have repeatedly encouraged, or let me out the whole panel." I'm surprised to say "OK"!". The fact that we feel ashamed, he's a good word greatly improve the blackboard suction eye rate. In order to encourage him to continue to write down, I said to him: "after the workshop on the blackboard to you, you can add a little extra pay." But he replied, "we can get approval, I am very satisfied, a lot of things are not measured by money, if only for some pay, then I will not write". What a simple sentence!
In real life, people have the identity of the points, but an honest heart can not be measured by money. In enterprise management: the system is rigid, the assessment is the principle of. But in life, the work of the staff to give some encouragement, recognition, a heartfelt praise, often inspire employees greater enthusiasm for work, passion and potential, to achieve unexpected results. As our grass-roots management more need to be so, so as to promote the positive, mutual assistance, to the corporate culture