We carry out the "38" International Women's Day 106 anniversary celebration

2016/11/07 09:45
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  In March 6th, for the long Chongqing. "The 106 anniversary of the establishment of 38 international working women's day, the group company organization of each branch company named" Five "female employees travel.
Women play multiple roles in social life. At home is a daughter, a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a colleague, a friend, and an employee...... "Five" women want to be a good daughter at home, good mother, good wife, good wife, to create a harmonious family atmosphere; in addition to do their own work, do a good colleague, good friends, good citizens, to create a pleasant social atmosphere. "Five" women love themselves, understand others, have the ideal life; occupation identity, love, family, and have a full life; enjoy life, build a happy life.
This event reflects the company's business philosophy: respect for women, women care and support women, female employees can not only enrich the amateur cultural life, but also to enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness, continue to inject new impetus to promote the building of enterprise culture.