On the recognition of 2015 advanced workers and outstanding foreign employees of the decision

2016/11/07 09:47
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    Branches and departments:
2015 is a very unusual year, the economic situation is very serious, but the company in unison Palit, ningxinjuli, overcome difficulties, weight-bearing endeavor, better to complete the objectives and tasks set at the beginning of the year. In the industrial production in the emergence of a number of practical style, hard work, dedication, innovation, advanced individual and typical deeds. To sum up experience, to promote advanced and inspired, after each line of each department, democratic appraisal, collective control, the final assessment of Daxin Town and company outstanding communist party member, advanced workers and 40 outstanding foreign 10 employees, the workshop 1, decided to be commended for their.
A large town, outstanding Party members, advanced workers (9)
Outstanding communist party members: Wang Chunming, Yuan Jiandong, Zhang Haiping
Advanced workers: Yang Xiaoyan, Xie Lili, Hua Shifeng, Liu Meiling, Kuang Liyan, Xiao Hua
Two, the company advanced workers (31)
1, group Limited by Share Ltd
Cashmere workshop: Jiang Caiping, Li Shijie, the United States to the United States, Liu Lanping, Sun Haiqin
Mei Yang a workshop: Liao Xueling, exhibition double frequently, Li Rui, Guo Guiping
Mei Yang two workshop: Yang Lizhen, Wang Ruhai
2, Wool Company Limited
Production management center: Huang Wenhua
Zhang Jialin, Shi Lijuan: Spinning Workshop
Weaving workshop: Zhu Zhonghua, Qian Yahong
Dyeing and finishing workshop: Jiang Lin, Feng Xinyu, Yang Qiufen
3, Puge Machinery Co. Ltd.
Chen Jian, Huang Gang, Qiu Lian, Wang Chao, Sun Dongliang
4, import and Export Co., Ltd.: Wang Chun
5, thermal power Co., Ltd.: Zhang Xiujuan
6, new printing and dyeing Co. Ltd.: Cao Boyan, Hu Zhengqiang
7, sewage treatment Co., Ltd.: Wang Rongqing
8, storage lines: Wang Haiyan
9, group two or three lines: Jin Xuejuan
Three, outstanding foreign employees (10)
1, cashmere workshop: the right Fang Zhang a little
2, the United States and a sheep: Yin Yanling, Deng Jun
3, the United States and the sheep two workshop: Yang Yueqin
4, dyeing and finishing workshop: Tao Chunyan
5, weaving workshop: Lv Yanhong
6, Hua Zi, Cheng Shoujun Pugh: single machine, Xue Yingjiao
Four, indicators for the first winner of the workshop: the United States and the two workshop
I hope by the recognition of advanced individual and the workshop in the new year to cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, guard against conceit and create greater success. At the same time, the company must take them as an example, hard work, solid work, pioneering and innovative, and constantly improve the management level and comprehensive quality. With more high morale, more full of spirit, make new and greater contributions to create new brilliant new fang!
Jiangsu new aromatic Technology Group
February 20, 2016