Division I held 2015 annual summary of the recognition of the general assembly

2016/11/07 09:48
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       The afternoon of February 20, 2016, our report hall held 2015 annual commendation and Pinqiang 2016 mobilization meeting in Daxin Town Sports center.
The meeting has three main items: first, the 2015 annual award in recognition of all kinds of advanced workers, outstanding foreign staff and the workshop; two is the advanced worker representatives and the branch leaders exchange floor; three is the Group Chairman Huang Hefang made an important speech. Attended the meeting of the board of directors and all team members, all members of the Communist Party, class leader or above cadres, advanced workers, outstanding foreign employees and two or three line staff representatives.    
2015 is a year of hope and difficulties in the coexistence of opportunities and challenges. All the new people under the correct leadership of the company, together, calm response, resisted the pressure, seize the opportunity. The annual total invoiced sales 1 billion 360 million yuan, 83 million 811 thousand and 400 yuan in profits and taxes, warehousing taxes 57 million 250 thousand yuan, 46 million yuan investment in technological reform, compared to the same period last year increased by 18.3%, 7.8%, 36.89% and 2.2%. The company also emerged in a number of practical style, hard work, dedication to the advanced individual and typical stories.
At the meeting, the chairman of Taiwan's leadership to Wang Chunming and other 40 advanced workers, as well as Zhang Yuezhen and other 10 outstanding foreign staff issued a certificate of honor and bonuses. The chairman personally for the beautiful sheep two workshop issued for the first index winning workshop and awarded medals, Weigela for five consecutive years was named the advanced worker of Comrade Zhu Zhonghua, applause four. Subsequently, the representative of Yuan Jiandong, vice chairman of the workshop, advanced worker representative Zhu Zhonghua Pugh Machinery Co. Ltd. Zhang Zu Hong, semi worsted line Huang Jiaxin, general manager of the import and export company general manager Chen Wenlei, Huang Peixiang Wool Company Limited exchanges were made to speak, the atmosphere in their exchange of speeches was the climax.
Group Chairman Huang Hefang made an important speech at the meeting of impassioned, inspiring, he affirmed that all the new Fang in the past year's hard work, and mainly praised Yuan Lihua and other 8 in each line, each post emergence of advanced individual and deeds, called on the company to close their learning. At the same time, he pointed out that the achievements of 2015 not easily won, but with the market downturn, the 2016 year the situation will be more serious, we must guard against arrogance and difficulties, to strategic adjustment as the starting point, clear direction, accurate positioning, deepen management innovation, to further promote the institutional and cultural construction, to strengthen the quality of the team, with a sense of urgency load pressure, and Time will not wait for me. not for victory and never give up faith, work together to create new brilliant new fang.