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More than 40 years of innovative immersion continuous evolution quality kinetic energy

Jiangsu Xinfang Technology Group was established in December 2005 and is one of the top 100 industrial enterprises in Zhangjiagang City. Its predecessor was the Daxin Wool Textile Factory founded in the spring of 1982. The group currently has 8 subsidiaries including Xinfang Technology Co., Ltd., Meiyang Yarn Industry, Daxin Woolen Textile, Import and Export, Zhenxin Printing and Dyeing, Daxin Thermal Power, Sewage Treatment, and Huayuan Environment, and has invested in high-tech enterprises such as China Chemical Equipment Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Zhangjiagang Shizhen Container Parts Co., Ltd., and Suzhou Zhongke Nawei New Materials Co., Ltd. The headquarters of the group has a total assets of 2 billion yuan, covers an area of nearly 500000 square meters, has 1500 employees, and an annual sales revenue of over 1.5 billion yuan. Currently, it has formed a new pattern of industrial development driven by the three core industries of textile, foreign trade, and environmental protection, as well as mechanical equipment, flat ceramic films, nanospinning films, and intelligent container technology innovation.

The textile sector has formed two leading products, coarse fabric and semi worsted yarn, with an annual production of 3 million meters of coarse woolen fabric and 10000 tons of semi worsted and various fancy yarns. The company has been jointly awarded the "National Coarse Woolen Product Development Base" by the China Textile Industry Federation and the National Textile Product Development Center, and the "China Semi worsted Product Color Research and Development Base" by the China Fashion Color Association.

Jiangsu Xinfang Import and Export Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. Relying on the textile development and manufacturing base of the group, from traditional coarse spun fabrics to various new special fabrics, from semi fine spun yarns to special fancy yarns, and then to special fine count fancy yarns, we have a keen insight into fashion trends, flexible and fast response supply chains, actively integrating into customer product trends and systems, establishing long-term business relations with customers from more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain, and developing into the main supplier of European and American fashion terminal brands such as HM, ZARA, GAP, ESPRIT, NEXT, ARKET, TOM TAILOR, with annual sales of over 10000 tons of yarn.

In 2018, Jiangsu Xinfang Technology Group explored the field of environmental protection and established Zhangjiagang Huayuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Huayuan Environment applies cutting-edge functional nano ceramic membrane technology to water treatment fields such as municipal wastewater, tap water, industrial wastewater, petrochemical industry, new pollutants, medical wastewater, and landfill leachate. Compared to traditional processes, the functional nano ceramic membrane used in this process has the characteristics of long service life, high operating flux, strong pollution resistance, easy installation and maintenance, and excellent physical and chemical properties; Integrating cascade processes such as flocculation, sedimentation, sand filtration, and disinfection into an integrated unit without the need for secondary sedimentation tanks or denitrification filters, resulting in a short process flow and small footprint. We have established a world-class production base for multiple varieties of asymmetric nano ceramic membrane materials and a new sewage treatment demonstration project with functional nano flat ceramic membranes as the core, leading water treatment technology to achieve disruptive and leapfrog development.

In March 2024, under the central regional strategic cooperation framework agreement, Xinfang Group teamed up with the national team in the field of chemical engineering - China National Chemical Equipment Group to strategically restructure Jiangsu Puge Machinery Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinfang Group, and establish China National Chemical Equipment Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 2009, Puge Machinery has gained market leading advantages in the fields of coal chemical, petrochemical, and energy, relying on years of technical process precipitation of independent products such as temperature control shift furnaces and serpentine tube high-pressure heaters, and has accumulated a good reputation for engineering applications, presenting a strong development trend. After restructuring, China National Chemical Equipment Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. relies on the advantages of the central enterprise platform, and with the strong brand value, innovative resources, and industry influence of China National Chemical, we are committed to building a core product cluster of high-end chemical machinery equipment in Zhangjiagang City, driving the development of domestic chemical industry technology and equipment industry, and writing a new chapter of high-quality development for win-win cooperation.

Based on its core business, Xinfang Group adheres to the path of high-quality development and transformation and upgrading, and has established strategic cooperation relationships with research institutions such as Tsinghua Design and Research Institute, General Institute of Mechanical Science, Harbin Institute of Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Chinese Academy of Astronautics. It has established a demand oriented, enterprise led integrated innovation mechanism for industry, academia, and research, and further moved towards high-end, intelligent, and green industrial transformation. The intelligent modular equipment project, jointly established with Taicang Shizhen Container, focuses on the research and production of intelligent shelters, intelligent modular mobile energy storage equipment, intelligent Internet of Things digital warehouses, and intelligent multimodal transportation logistics equipment. It was completed and put into operation in February 2022. The "New Nano Spinning Waterproof and Breathable Membrane" high-end textile material project, in collaboration with the Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the tenth project that Xinfang has entered. It will reach a production capacity of 2 million meters in 2023, and its main selling points are fluorine free, environmentally friendly, breathable, and comfortable. It perfectly matches with the world's leading outdoor, sports, and down jacket brands. The vivid pattern of coordinated development of Jiangsu Xinfang Technology Group's "ten major sectors, multiple cores, and multiple support points" has thus begun.

For the past 40 years, starting from coarse and semi fine spinning, we have been deeply cultivating, expanding and expanding our import and export business, transitioning from the mechanical industry to the strong advancement of high-end environmental protection new formats. Under the transformation and challenges, the quality and vitality of the new aromatic industry have risen, and the industrial level is surging and pulsating, shining with unprecedented charm, power, vitality, and innovation. In the future, Jiangsu Xinfang Technology Group will adhere to the development concept of "focusing on textiles, strengthening foreign trade, optimizing environmental protection, and transforming science and technology", strengthen core advantages, consolidate industrial foundation, enhance industrial resilience, improve industrial level, build a new industrial highland with multi-polar support and more competitiveness, work together with customers to establish a symbiotic and prosperous industrial chain ecology, and create greater value for customers!

Sold to 40 countries and regions

The group has total assets of 2 billion yuan, covers an area of nearly 380000 square meters, employs more than 800 people, and has an annual sales income of more than 1.5 billion yuan. At present, it has formed a new pattern of industrial development in which textile, foreign trade, machinery and environmental protection are driven by four cores, and nano spinning membrane and intelligent container go hand in hand. Xinfang Group's industrial cluster has established long-term business contacts with merchants from more than 40 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain.












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Message from Chairman

With the beat of the Times Express, we swagger to the future. Looking back on the stormy course, we firmly believe that customer satisfaction and success are the most important yardstick to measure our work performance.

Product quality and service quality are the lifeline of the company's development; the improvement and innovation of the product essence is the step-by-step trajectory of our company's development. Market development and development, temper and growth of our extraordinary perseverance.

Looking back on the past, we Xinfang faced difficulties and made great achievements. The outstanding achievements, which embody the painstaking efforts and sweat of Xinfang people, are the crystallization of the unity and hard work and dedication of all staff, and are also the result of the cordial care and strong support of leaders at all levels, friends from all walks of life, customers and partners. Xinfang people cherish the care of all sectors of society and evolve their achievements and care into the surging power of the group.

Today, we are facing a new era of rapid development. With the industrialization of the group and the leading role of the "leader" as the main body, we will integrate favorable resources, industrial advantages and market potential in a diversified and high-quality manner, and enter a new field of scientific research and deep competition. It is a glorious task entrusted to us by the new era. Time does not wait for us, seize every minute, for which we have to make unremitting efforts.

Looking to the future, the new Fang people are full of pride. In the face of the complex and changeable market situation, we Xinfang will always adhere to the grand goal of "speeding up the construction of a modern international group and striving to become one of the world's strong textile enterprises", unswervingly, unite as one, and write a new chapter of development!

Chairman and General Manager of the Group: Huang Hefang

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