Zhangjiagang Daxin Sewage Disposal Co.,ltd

Zhangjiagang Daxin Sewage Treatment Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Jiangsu Xinfang Technology Group, was established in February 2005, located in the industrial concentrated area of Daxin Town, Zhangjiagang City, is a collection of dyeing sewage, wool washing sewage, other organic industrial sewage and other comprehensive sewage treatment, the current daily treatment capacity of 12,000 tons. All kinds of sewage received by the company will be treated by facilities to discharge water indicators, implement the new limits of water pollutant discharge in Taihu Basin of Jiangsu Province, and the remaining sludge will be treated by the existing sludge disposal facilities and then sent to the boiler of the power plant for combustion and disposal. The company adopts hydrolysis acidification, oxidation ditch, contact oxidation and other biochemical treatment processes. The company has more than 20 employees, fixed assets of 28 million yuan, covering an area of 12,500 square meters.

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