Zhangjiagang Zhenxin Printing & Dyeing Co.,ltd.

Zhangjiagang Zhenxin Printing & Dyeing Co.,the factory covers a total area of 50,000 square meters.The scope of business for the group's subsidiaries supporting services of hair dyeing, top dyeing, drum dyeing.The total annual output of all kinds of dyeing is 15,000 tons.The company has passed GRS, OCS, RWS, RMS, RAS certification, and can provide relevant sustainable products and issue certificates.

The company has been certified by Inditex GTW/Social, HIGG Index Data and OK 100, and completes the DETOX and PRTR data report on IPE website every year. ZDHC GATEWAY wastewater test twice a year and upload the report. Fill in BVE3 chemical data and issue audit report every month.

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