Extension and Bid-raising Project of Zhangjiagang No.3 Sewage Plant

Zhangjiagang No.3 Sewage Plant is located in the northern part of the city. The first phase of the plant has a management capacity of 20000 m3/d. The process of "coarse grid → fine grid → cyclone grit chamber → anaerobic tank → DE type oxidation ditch → secondary sedimentation tank → sand filter tank" is adopted.

According to the three-year action deployment of high-quality urban and rural domestic sewage treatment in Suzhou, the second phase of the expansion project of the third sewage treatment plant will be launched in 2019, with an additional sewage treatment capacity of 20000 tons, and the MNR-S biochemical treatment process will be used to deeply raise the standard of sewage, and the effluent quality is better than the special discharge limit of Suzhou. The third sewage treatment plant in Zhangjiagang City entered the water in January 2021. During the operation period, it has the advantages of low energy consumption, less sludge production, small land occupation and no need for external carbon source. The effluent quality meets the requirements of DB 32/1072-2018 "Discharge Limits of Major Water Pollutants from Urban Sewage Treatment Plants and Key Industries in Taihu Lake Region" and Suzhou Special Discharge Limits.

Low energy consumption-power consumption: 0.5 yuan/ton of water

● Mud production-about 2.02t/10,000 t of water (70% moisture content)

● Small footprint-60% of the original Phase I process

● No external carbon source is required-the amount of carbon source added is 0

● Good effluent quality-Suzhou special discharge limit discharge limit


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