Brief Introduction of Urban Sewage Treatment Project in Dinghu District, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province

Dinghu District Urban Sewage Treatment Integration Project, with a treatment scale of 20000 m.3/d, is another important application of Huayuan Environmental's new functional nano-flat ceramic membrane in the field of domestic sewage treatment.

In this project, the raw water enters the facultative oxygen zone of the biochemical tank after pre-treatment, then passes through the micro-oxygen zone I and the micro-oxygen zone II in turn, and finally enters the membrane tank for nitrification reaction, organic matter hydrolysis reaction, short-cut nitrification and denitrification or denitrification reaction, phosphate reduction reaction, etc. The process takes the nano flat ceramic membrane reactor as the core, and through precise control of the dissolved oxygen concentration in different functional areas, the traditional "cascade" sewage biochemical treatment process is combined with the new functional nano ceramic flat membrane treatment technology, and the "parallel stage" is a unit, which can realize synchronous removal of COD and nitrogen and phosphorus removal, and at the same time, the residual sludge can be converted into internal carbon source, thus greatly reducing the operation cost.

The process has the advantages of stable water quality, small footprint, low sludge disposal cost, modular function and intelligent operation management. The successful operation of the Dinghu District project indicates that Huayuan Environmental Nano Ceramic Flat Membrane is in an absolute leading position in the same industry in the field of municipal sewage treatment.

Quality of Inlet and Outlet Water of Domestic Sewage Treatment Project in Dinghu District:

Indicator Item




ammonia nitrogen



Design Inlet Water Quality

≤ 250

≤ 125

≤ 150


≤ 35

≤ 3.5

Design effluent quality




≤ 1.5(5)


≤ 0.3

Actual effluent quality


≤ 3



≤ 8

≤ 0.3

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