Recreated water reuse solution

Scope of application:

Upgrading and renovation of existing sewage treatment plants and water reuse projects;

Advanced treatment of biochemical tail water from industrial wastewater treatment plants (such as food, petrochemical, coking, coal chemical, paper, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, biological, etc.);

Industrial water reuse, groundwater recharge, ecological water replenishment, etc.

Technical advantages:

●The effluent quality can meet the water quality requirements of Urban Wastewater Recycling;

●It can efficiently and deeply treat the biochemical tail water of industrial wastewater to reach the standard of reclaim water reuse;

● Strong impact load resistance, the Department bears the impact of changes in raw water quality, and the effluent quality is stable;

● Using a new type of functional nano ceramic membrane, long service life, good chemical stability, strong oxidation resistance, coupling membrane separation, advanced oxidation and biological treatment, advanced treatment of biochemical tail water in the residual pollutants (including EDCs, PPCPs, refractory organic matter and other "color", "odor" substances), to further improve the water quality;

● Process modularization, operation automation, Internet of Things technology, real-time remote monitoring and management.

A printing and dyeing wastewater reuse project in Zhangjiagang (12000m3/d)

Water reuse project of a printing and dyeing wastewater in Jiangyin (16000 m3/d)