Drinking Water Solutions

Scope of application:

New waterworks;

The capacity of the existing waterworks is increased;

Drinking water in villages and towns, remote areas, commercial areas, parks, etc.

Technical advantages:

The quality of water supply is better than the "drinking water quality standards" and "drinking water health standards", the effluent quality is safe and stable, and the effluent turbidity is less than 0.1NTU;

Effective removal of emerging trace organic pollutants in water, such as environmental hormones EDCs, residual antibiotics PPCPs, etc., the removal rate is higher than 99%, high quality to ensure the safety of drinking water, health;

Integrated equipment, fully automatic operation, remote monitoring;

Using functional nano-ceramic membrane, the service life is more than 20 years, and the operating cost is low.

Typical case analysis:

The project is located in Daxing Town, Zhangjiagang City. It adopts the "half-way coagulation + nano-ceramic membrane reactor" process based on functional nano-ceramic flat membrane. The system is equipped with a gravity water production system, which can realize the non-power water production of the system and the high-quality water purification process with lower energy consumption.

Less Dosing-Half Coagulation Process

Short treatment process-"coagulation → nano-ceramic membrane filtration → disinfection" process

High quality of effluent water-GB5749-2022 of the Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water

Low energy consumption-gravity water production

High security-good stability


A Tap Water Supply Station Project in Zhangjiagang (4000m/d)

Demonstration Project of a Waterworks in Dongguan 500m ³/d

The demonstration project has been in stable operation for 10 years